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Baby shower writing games

By Nina Villavicencio

By: Nina Villavicencio

Writing games are great to have at baby showers! Not only do they encourage everyone to participate and interact with each other, but the papers and cards themselves serve as a wonderful keepsake for the mom-to-be. Just collect the cards and papers into a memory box or scrapbook, and she’ll have a timeless snapshot of that special day.

Below are some writing games you’re bound to enjoy. It’s a good idea to match all the papers, cards and invitations to each other so that they’ll coordinate nicely when you present them in a memory box or scrapbook to the mom-to-be.

“My first…” predictions
Everyone will have milestones that mark important moments in their lives — including the baby! Guests fill up blank cards predicting the baby’s future milestones, such as “my first date,” “my first day in pre school,” “my first friend,” etc. They can write the experiences like a journal entry, as if the baby were explaining what happened on that particular occasion.

The cards are half a letter size — 8.5 x 5.5”. Each card will have one milestone followed with plenty of space to describe the occasion. Before the party, place them on tables along with plenty of pens. After a few hours and plenty of writing, collect and distribute the cards among the guests and have them read aloud what everyone wrote.

Here is a partial list of some of the milestones you can include. Have two of each so that you can have two different perspectives of each milestone.

My first date, my first kiss, my first crush, my first day at pre-school, my first day at college, my first friend, my first nightmare, my first words, my first haircut, my first time riding a bike, my first time driving a car, my first fight.

Advice cards
Parenting is a difficult job, and the parents-to-be need plenty of advice! Tie a string on two poles and hang small cards using clothespins. Each card has a “how to” topic on which the guests can provide the answer. Encourage the guests to browse through the hanging cards and pick a few they’d like to write about. Remind them that the advice can be anything from heartfelt to humorous to factual. Once they’ve finished writing, have them sign their name on the back and re-hang them on the string. When all the cards are completed, the parents-to-be read each of them aloud. For an extra challenge, they can guess who gave the advice before reading the name on the back.

Here is a partial list of advice topics that the guests can write about.

How to: stop the baby from crying, change a diaper, have a social life once the baby is born, stop a temper tantrum, throw your baby’s first birthday party, get your baby to sleep, feed your baby, wean your baby, breastfeed your baby, transport a stroller, stop the baby from sucking his/her thumb, bathe the baby, cut the baby’s hair, clip the baby’s nails, bond with the baby, make the baby laugh, potty train the baby, have some peace and quiet.

Have you ever…
How much of each other’s childhoods do your guests know? Learn new things about each other with this informative and entertaining game! Give each person a list of childhood experiences along with a line next to each. Under 3 minutes, the guests have to ask one another if they have ever done any of the things listed on the sheet. Each sheet cannot have the same person’s name on it more than once, even if they have done more than one thing on the list. This will encourage your guests to interact with as many people in the room as possible. The person who gets the most names signed reads their list and wins a prize!

Save the sheets for the mom-to-be. She’s bound to find something interesting about her guests that she may have never known!

Some ideas of experiences include: never learned to swim, owned a horse, had an imaginary friend, wasn’t born in a hospital, wore glasses, had a job under the age of 16, born outside of this country.

Gather the “my first…” prediction cards, advice cards, “have you ever…” sheets and the baby shower invitations and present them to the mom-to-be in a memory box or scrapbook. Either way, she’ll appreciate the best baby shower gift — the memories of the day itself!

Nina Villavicencio

About the author:

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