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Baby Showers for adopted children

By Cathy Cripps

Couples around the world have opened their hearts and homes to children through the adoption process. Just as with a biological baby, parents are just as eager to celebrate the life of their newly adopted baby. In fact, a baby shower for an adopted baby is ideal not only for the parentís sake but it also begins the process of bonding for the baby.

With this type of baby shower, timing is crucial. If you were the host, you would need to work with the expectant parents to organize the shower around the time the child would be arriving. The parents may choose to wait a month or so after bringing the child home, allowing him or her to become acclimated to this new life. Therefore, always be respectful of the parentís wish.

Another thing to consider with an adopted baby shower is that because the mother is not or has not been pregnant, the types of games chosen would be very different from those played at traditional baby showers. However, that does not mean you cannot use some of the games used in this book.

Additionally, the adopted child may be older than a newborn. In this case, you can simply have a shower, still celebrating the childís life while modifying activities slightly. The key is to work closely with the adoptive parents!


Typically, a baby shower is thrown for the first-born but today, we see baby showers for second, third, and even fourth children. In truth, there is no right or wrong, simply what you want to do. After all, the second babyís life is just as wonderful as the first babyís life.

While this type of baby shower is not as common, if someone offers to host a shower for you, accept and be gracious. If you have other children, then you know how quickly clothing and toys can wear out. Therefore, if the children are spaced several years apart, chances are new items are needed and would be appreciated.

Another possible scenario is that the couple has a second or third child more than six, seven, or eight years apart. In this case, technology and baby items have changed significantly so for fun and safety purposes, a second or third shower may be needed to replace outdated items.

While there remains, many unanswered questions about the history of baby showers we do know this is a beautiful time of life and celebration. For this reason, it is unlikely that baby showers will never stop being an important part of our culture.

About the author:

Cathy Cripps is the Author of Baby Shower moments A to Z Guide you can find her web site here http://www.babyshowermoments.com

Cathy has been hosting baby showers for many years now and has become a real expert when you talk about hosting baby showers.

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