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First Time Parenting Woes

By Patricia Garza

Whether you are 24 or 34, parenting is hard work. Has anyone ever said this to you before? Have you ever thought to yourself how hard can it possibly be to change diapers and feed someone? Well, as a new mom to a seven month old I am here to tell you that first time parenting is more than hard work it is endless, thankless, sometimes emotionally and physically draining work. While you love and cherish the beautiful little child your love created, you ask yourself 'what have we done?' You might even wish you could just escape for a day or a week to your previous life, but you can't. As a parent you are committed for the rest of your life to love, nurture and care for that new life you have brought into the world. It is a bit overwhelming for anyone who has been there or is going through it. Anyone who has not, needs to know that it is not for everyone.

You must be prepared to give up your life...your hobbies, your wants and needs at times. All the things that you once found solace or comfort in are no longer yours. Your life will evolve around the new baby, his needs, his wants, and his desires. If you are fortunate enough to have family nearby to help out you might have time for some of the things you once enjoyed. Or if you happen to have a great babysitter around when you need a break or if you work outside the home you might find some relief from the day to day life of a parent, but if you are a stay at home parent your life is theirs. You may plan to get some housework done, read a book or write a story or watch your favorite T.V. show or movie, but as soon as you start it is almost inevitable... your baby will soon beckon you with a whaling scream or whimper until you come to change, feed or hold him. There is no escape for a stay-at -home parent. Where you go, your child is day and night. You want to love him and nurture him and care for him with all you have, but somedays you are so emotionally and physically drained that you start to resent him.

First time parenting is a joyous occasion but it is not one to jump into. You should be in a stable and committed relationship. Your partner should be willing to support and help you at the end of the day. If you are young and considering parenting it is a good idea to wait until you have had a chance to really live and enjoy your life. Get your degree, travel do whatever it is that your heart desires because once the baby arrives your life will change forever and will no longer be your own.

About the author:
About the Author: Patricia Garza is a former elementary teacher turned stay at home mom. She is married to a wonderful husband and living in Tucson, AZ with her baby boy and fifteen-year-old cat. Patricia is an aspiring freelance writer, specializing in parenting and educational issues, as well as children's stories, personal essays and poetry. You may contact her at mrspgarza@hotmail.com or visit her website e-zine at http://littlebytesnews.com

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