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Picky Eaters - The Dawn of Understanding

By Jason Katzenback

"In general my children refuse to eat anything that hasn't
danced on television." (Erma Bombeck, 1927-1996)

Once upon a time not so very long ago, you probably envisioned
that your children would be good, healthy eaters while growing
up. Naturally, they would like everything you placed before
them on the dinner table, and would beg for seconds and
sometimes thirds. However, because you are reading this
article, that lovely bubble has most likely popped and
disintegrated into the mess you may find yourself cleaning off
the floor, table, or wherever your delicious entrees happen to
land thanks to your picky eaters.

Keeping up with your child’s picky eating preferences can be
frustrating, especially when one week he or she will only eat
peanut-butter sandwiches, and the next cheese-covered French
fries. Then, when he or she develops the nasty habit of putting
catsup on everything - including ice cream – you may think you
have reached the ultimate level of gross-out.

Do not despair because eventually your picky eater child will
become bored with that food of choice and move on to something

Many children undergo a period of highly selective eating,
commonly referred to as “picky eaters.” The reality is that all
children (not just what you might consider a picky eater child)
do not have the same taste buds as adults. Instead, their
palates are undeveloped and may be more sensitive to different
textures, flavors, and spices.

As children grow older, their tastes literally change, expanding
to include more foods – but not always. When this does not
happen, clever picky eater coping strategies are needed.

Many explanations exist for children’s unusual picky eating
habits that bypass biological and developmental reasons. Today,
you will discover numerous forms of public awareness and
understanding about picky eaters. In fact, discussion forums
and clubs devoted to the mysteries of picky eaters, along with
what makes these folks tick are everywhere. We are not just
talking about kids, but also adults who grew up as picky eaters
and now find themselves in this exclusive category as they
struggle with their unique appetites.

Remember, when it comes to picky eaters, “unique” is the
keyword. Your picky eater child may have a different palate,
but he or she is not strange, weird, or even unusual. A variety
of reasons could account for his or her taste buds being apart
from other children.

If you would like to learn more about the reasons certain kids
are picky eaters or discover some great tasting and easy to
prepare picky eater recipes then visit http://mypickyeater.com

About the author:
Learn step-by-step how to successfully cope with Picky Eaters with Help There is a Picky Eater in The House! Full of Proven Strategies and Great Picky Eater Recipes that are Guaranteed to Help. http://www.mypickyeater.com

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