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The Benefits Of Baby Massage

By Nell Taliercio

There are actually many benefits to consider when contemplating the art of baby massage. This practice is becoming more commonplace than ever before.

One of the most important benefits of baby massage is the added and continuing bond it creates between you and your baby. Even if your baby is premature, you can still perform the type of massage known as ‘still or containment holding’.

This is very easily accomplished by placing one hand on your baby’s head and the other on his or her stomach. Baby will feel secure and loved without leaving the safety of the incubator.

As with adults, babies enjoy the relaxing sensations, they of course feel when being massaged. A massage before a nap or bedtime helps to ensure a longer lasting and even more restful sleep. For most parents, this is a welcome benefit of baby massage.

If you are a first time Mother (or Father) chances are you may be a bit nervous around your baby. You may feel as though you are not ‘handling’ him properly… that he might ‘break’.

Experienced parents, over time, will convince you that this is simply not the case. But until that fear is laid to rest, do you know that you, yourself, will benefit each time you massage your baby? You will begin to feel more at ease and come away with a greater sense of confidence, after each session.

Some of the other benefits of baby massage include: provides colic relief, promotes accelerated weight gain in premature infants, eases nasal congestion, builds trust between parent and child, stimulates nutrient flow to body cells and is even thought to aid in the reduction of post natal depression.

Yes, the art of massage is an ancient practice. Utilized today, by parents everywhere, baby massage offers many benefits and is a wonderful way to bond with your baby.

About the author:
To find many more articles on parenting babies and toddlers and kids and teens head over to http://www.freeparentingtipsonline.comwhere you will find all you need to know about being a parent! Be sure to subscribe to the Mom Audiozine while there!

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